1585 Hans Bol : The series of the months

Adriaen Collaert                 Hans Bol                    Sadeler                Signs of the zodiac                emblemata evangelica       

Emblemata evangelica ad XII signa coelestria

A complete series of 12 plates with zodiac sign on top, showing the changing seasons and the activities of the month.

Hans Bol (1534-1593) Invent
Artist from Haarlem who worked in Antwerp
Leading artist in the Dutch landscape art 

Adrian Collaert (1560-1618) Sculpsit
Important engraver from Antwerp
Son in law of Phillips Galle

Sadeler (1550-1630) excudit
Famous family of engravers and publishers

Active in Brussels, Venice and Germany


Hans Bol, Hollstein 94-108
Adrian Collaert Hollstein 511-522

Good impressions with nice plate tone. Trimmed on plate border.

15,30 by 12,00 cm

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These are all original impressions, done in the 17th century.
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