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Van Dyck portrait by Shelte A Bolswert 24.70 x 16.00 ( on request )


Inventor: Antony Van Dyck pinxit ( 1599 - 1641 )
Engraver: Shelte A Bolswert (1586 - 1659) - Rubens engraver
Subject: Martinus Pepyn (1575 - 1642 ) - Antwerp Painter and Friend of Rubens
Technical: This is an impression with full plate border on strong laid paper
Interest: A good strike with soft texture by this famous engraver. From the Iconographia of Van Dyck.
1650 : Van Dyck portrait of Anna Wake by Clouet. 25.70 x 18.40 ( on request )

Anthony Van Dijck

Inventor: Antony Van Dijck invenit ( 1599 - 1641 )
Engraver: Petrus Clouet ( 1629 - 1670) Pupil of T Van Merle .
Subject: D. Anna Wake. Wife of J Van Der Swaex
Reference: Has a collectors stamp on the back and old pencil inscriptions "II mit die kleine augen"
: Soft laid paper Cut on plate border leaving small margins around the image.
Interest: A women's portrait of the Van Dyck School, and a fine one.
Van Dyck Portrait of a Dutch Princess 25.20 x 19.420 ( on request )

Inventor: Antonius van Dijck pinxit ( 1599 - 1641 )
Engraver: Conrad Waumans (born 1619) - Antwerp - Pupil of Paul Pontius. 43 known portraits.
Subject: Emeliae de Solms
Technical: Rather thick laid paper. Full plate border and small margins. 18 th century's impression.
Interest: A nice women's portrait of the Van Dyck School.

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